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Hungarian CV-35M/CV-35 Command Tank in 1/35...

...a New release from Bronco Models

One of the latest 1/35 kits in production from Bronco Models is a new variant of their small Italian tankette, in this case the CV-35 in Hungarian Army service, and which includes the option to build it as a basic vehicle, or a Command Tank, which has a raised hatch on one side of the roof panel. 

An excellent model, and though small,  it benefits from all the interior detail, for both the engine and the crew compartment. The tracks are a link-and-length style and straightforward to assemble. The fit of parts is excellent, though it makes you think about designing a real armoured vehicle, and how they fit everything inside the inflexible confines of an armoured body, where there is no 'give'.

There are no less than 8 different options provided for in terms of colours and markings, and their 3-colour camouflage and national markings make this one rather a distinctive addition to your armour collection.


Thanks to Bronco Models for the news, and for the pictures of the box art, poster and computer images.


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