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T-34/85 in 1/32nd...

...due for January 2019 release from Bronco Models

Latest news from Bronco Models for January 2019 is a first release in a new series of models, this time in 1/32 scale. I don't know what is behind their decision to opt for this new scale.  It is one of the older model scales that has since been overshadowed by 1/35 but as they are very close in size I am uncertain why they have chosen to go for this, though on the basis the kit will be to their usual standards, with plenty of fine detail, then it is certain to be a nice  

As their notes tell us -


The T-34 (from Russian танк for tanks) was a Soviet medium tank, built from 1940 to 1958 and used by the Red Army mainly in the German-Soviet War. He is considered the most famous Soviet tank of war. The simple design of the T-34 enabled high mass production. He was with more than 50,000 copies of the most-built tanks of World War II and with a total of over 80,000 one of the most -built tanks ever. The T-34 was in 1941 all German tanks clearly superior. At a disadvantage were some significant tactical deficiencies in the design, such as the absence of a fifth crew member in the person of the gunner or initially the lack of radios. From 1942/43, the Germans were able to lead with the Kampfwertgesteigerten Panzer IV, the Panther and the Tiger in turn to combat power superior tanks in the field, after which the Soviets from 1944 upgraded the tank to T-34/85 with stronger cannon. By his enormous superiority, he contributed significantly to the victory of the Red Army. After the Second World War, the T-34 was exported to many countries and used in several other wars, especially in the Korean War and the Middle East.

Thanks to Bronco Models for the news, and for the pictures of the box art and computer images.


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