Rheintochter R-3P Surface-to-Air Missile in 1/35...

...new from Bronco Models

This is the second variation on the Rheintochter from Bronco, so they now have the two of these experimental SAM systems that the Germans were developing in the later stages of WW2.  The R2 was a two stage solid fuel rocket while the R3p was a liquid fuel rocket, which also had two strap-on solid fuel boosters.  Only 6 examples of the later version were test fired and the project was dropped.  It is worth noting however that an artillery rocket design, the Rheinbote, which was used in action against Antwerp but with very disappointing results, is also available in the Bronco Models range.  All three kits use the same Flak 41 cruciform carriage, adapted for firing the missiles..

Very early stages as yet, but I have started work on the build, which does involve lots of small detail parts, especially in the carriage, along with small etch detailing parts as well.  The fit of parts is good so far, but watch this space for when I am able to start adding some photos of the build as it moves along

Thanks to Bronco Models for my example.


BroncoRheintochterR3p_WIP1 (1)
Start of build
Bronco Rheintochter R3p ramp
Start of build
Bronco Rheintochter R3p missile body
Start of build
Rheintochter R3p cruciform base
Start of build
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