Hungarian Turan 1 in 1/35...

...a new kit from Bronco Models

The Turan was a Hungarian medium tank, based on a Skoda design it was passed on to Hungary, a German ally, for production.  Armed with a 40mm main gun plus two machine guns, it was only produced in small numbers (285) and coming into service in the later half of the war it found itself outclassed by the Russian opposition such as JS-2 and T34/85.  It was used by 1st and 2nd Hungarian Armoured Divisions plus their 1st Cavalry Division.

Moulded in a pale sand coloured plastic this is well detailed, as we have come to expect from Bronco Models.  This is one of those kits where I suggest the best place to start is with the 5 colours and marking options that are provided for.  The first three are all for the basic tank, whereas the final two feature the very different look of the late versions which entail adding etch brass mesh side screens for both the turret and the hull.  With the two alternatives, one has straight side armour whereas the other has it angled outwards.  Either of these also involves fitting plenty of etch mounting brackets.  These will involve more work, hence I suggest making your choice right at the start will be a significant influence on your build.

It starts then with fitting the driver seat and controls inside the lower hull, and this is the extent of the interior detailing for this particular model. Next you move on to the suspension and running gear, along with assembling the individual link track and with 101 links for each side this is quite a task in itself.

With the lower hull done, you move on to the armoured superstructure and turret.  Here is where you really start to see of the small etch detailing you need to fit in place.  You also get more parts choices, depending on early or late style variants, so a reminder to make your choice right at the start.  With the tank itself built, you get to the stages where you fit the mounting brackets and mesh side armour panels if you want to add them.  This brings us to stage 40 in the build sequence.

Looking now at the colours and marking options, number 1 is a green/brown/tan camouflaged tank used by the 1st Cavalry Tank Battalion in Hungary during March 1944.  Next is another camouflaged example, but this time from an unknown year and unit.  Third is another 3-colour camouflaged tank, with markings for 3rd Regiment, 2nd Battalion at Stainslav Galacia in April 1945.  Then we get to the first option that includes side armoured panels in both turret and hull. plus a winter white and pale blue undercarriage detail.  Finally, option 5 also has the etch mesh armour, in use by an unknown unit of plus where and where to fit all the tinny details.

Thanks to Bronco Models for my example.