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Russian T-18 Light Tank in 1/76...

...a resin kit from Bull Models
Bull_RussianT18 (1).JPG

A resin kit which was one of the early releases in the range of 1/76 models from Peter Bailey, at Bull Models. It is the Russian T-18 Light Tank, a post-WW1 design from when Russia wanted to get into building her own tanks.  The starting point was the French FT series, the same small 37mm gun and with the suspension replaced with one using a vertically sprung suspension and small roadwheels.  Over 900 were built between 1922 and 1931. A few saw limited combat against Manchurian forces in 1929, but the tanks were withdrawn in 1932 and relegated to training roles.

The resin kit from Bull Models is very nicely moulded, and there are assembly instructions provided within the kit. I found fit of parts to be good, and it goes together without any problem. The detail on the hull (rivets etc) and the suspension units, are nicely detailed. As a resin kit, do give it a coat of primer before adding the main colour scheme. It is an interesting subject from a historical sense and it certainly looks that bit different in any armour collection.

Available direct from Bull Models but you need to contact them by regular post as they don't as yet have a website/shop. Contact them at:-

Bull Models,

18, Heronden Avenue,



CT13 0EZ


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