Canadian Land Mattress in 1/35...

...the Resicast kit

I built this a few years ago now, a resin kit from Belgian based manufacturer, Resicast.  A mixed media kit using polyurethane resin and etch brass.

Most modellers and those interested in the history and equipment of WW2 will be familiar with the German Nebelwerfer and the Russian Katyusha but less well known was this rocket launcher used by Canadian forces during the war. It stemmed from a design for forward firing rockets used on Allied naval vessels, to attack U-Boats.  Then they were adapted for use in the LCT(R) used during the Normandy landings, which could fire hundred of these towards the shore.  A small trailer mounted version was built, and this was used late in the war during the fighting on the Scheldt and during the Rhine Crossing.  It based on the 3-inch-diameter (76 mm) tube of the RP-3 or "60lb" rocket, best known for being used as an air-to-ground weapon . The land version had an operational range of 8,000 yards (7.3 km).

The kit is mainly resin, but with etch brass framework which holds the rocket tubes themselves.  I built it in firing configuration rather than towing.  It is just an unusual subject and for a relatively small kit makes into an interesting looking model, and the yellow warheads make a colourful addition to the otherwise dull olive drab colour of the trailer itself.