From the Riviera to the Rhine...

...US Sixth Army Group August 1944 - February 1945, from Casemate Books

Title:  From the Riviera to the Rhine

Author: Simon Forty

Publisher:  Casemate Books

ISBN:  978-1-61200-623-9

This is a new large format hardback from Simon Forty which adds to earlier titles on Normandy, the Ardennes and Market Garden.  I t follows the same style of earlier books in that it contains a host of illustrations, a mix of very useful maps to help explain each stage of the story, details of convoy routes, orders of battle, along with many archive photos and an equally excellent selection of modern photos, many of which provide some good 'Then & Now' comparisons.

The book is split across 8 chapters following the helpful Introduction, dealing with Plans and Preparations; The Airborne Landings; The Seaborne Landings; French Armee B; The Advance to the Vosges; Belfort and Strasburg; Operation Nordwind and finally, Remembrance. These are all subdivided into sub-sections as well, dealing with topics such as the individual landing beaches, Marseilles, individual US units, the Colmar Pocket just to pick a few.  At the end there is a section on Remembrance, which features modern day photos of the various cemeteries and memorials that now mark the route of the advance, and including a good number of preserved tanks.

There was some controversy between the Allies on the value of this operation when there were already heavy commitments to men and equipment in Italy and in North West Europe.  It did do well though, advancing long distances in a relatively short time (when compared to Normandy and Italy), and the US and French forces also provided relief to the French population of Southern France, and support to the Resistance units.  A good addition to this series of books from Simon Forty and certainly one I'm happy to recommend.

Thanks to Casemate Books, who kindly provided my review copy.