The Waffen SS in Normandy...

...June 1944, The Caen Sector, from Casemate Books

Title:  The Waffen SS in Normandy

Author: Yves Buffetaut

Publisher:  Casemate

ISBN:  978-1-61200-643-7

More in the Casemate Illustrated series. This is another which is done in collaboration with the French publisher Histoire & Collections who originally published it in French back in 2004.  This one tackles the history of the Waffen SS divisions in their combat amidst the Battle of Normandy, specifically within the sector to the south of Caen in 1944.

The book opens with a timeline of events and it then tells the story of those events.  This is followed by 5 further chapters covering The '1944 Style' Panzer Division: The Panzers in Normandy: The Panzers in the Battles of June & July: Goodwood & Cobra, the Panzers Face their Destiny: and rounded off with an Afterword.  To accompany the well detailed text of the historical events and detail of the individual SS units involved, there are plenty of additional information panels, including maps, organisation charts, colour vehicle artwork, profiles of individual commanders and a very good selection of archive photos.  These offer some useful inspiration for modellers with diorama scenarios along with detail of camouflage, stowage etc.

The SS were the operators of the heavy tank units, with both Tiger I and Tiger II variants which saw combat in Normandy, as well as SP guns such as the Jagdpanzer IV and the heavier Jagdpanther.  It is an excellent series of books and so good to see them in these new English translations from the original French.


Distributed by Casemate Books, who kindly provided my review copy.