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US M5A1 Stuart (Late Production) in 1/16...

...a new kit coming from Classy Hobby
MC16006(480x280x120mm) NEW.jpg

Well, it has been a couple of years since we saw the German Pz II Luchs plus a couple of German tank crew figures from Classy Hobby, but now I have had news of a new release, the US M5A1 Late Production.  Just the box art and some computer images so far but this looks set to be another gem.

I am told that we should expect it to be available early in 2020.

Information UPDATE - September 2019

Some news from Classy Hobby and they have kindly sent through some photos of their early sprue test shots. Please note however their comments when looking at the photos -

'Please noted that this initial sample kit of M5A1 is molded by light grey colour but the production colour will be change to Olive Drab.
And this initial sample kit of M5A1 not add the weld & cast metal effect yet, but the said effect will be add before the productio'n


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