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CMP Heavy Utility...

...seen at a CWGC event at the Brookwood Military Cemetery in September 2017

When we travel on the continent I have long made a point of visiting the various cemeteries, both large and small, maintained by the Commonwealth War Grave Commission (CWGC).  In early September this year we travelled closer to home and despite our living nearby for over 25 years, we made the trip of about 20 minutes to visit the large Brookwood Military Cemetery.  On this particular day there was an event being hosted there by CWGC.  A number of displays were dotted around and tours around the various sections of the large cemetery were available throughout the day.  There was a demonstration of how the headstones are engraved, even to the extent that you could try your hand at the skill on a piece of the Portland Stone.  We also enjoyed watching 3 short scenes from 'Journey's End' performed by the Mesh Theatre Company, who will be performing the full play in Ypres during October/November.  The cemetery itself has a number of large sections with graves from WW1 and WW2.  In addition to the British sections there are others for Canada, the RAF, Belgium, France, Polish and Czech graves.

One of the other things to see were a couple of preserved military vehicles that had been brought along by their owners.  One was a Jeep, which is common enough, but the other was this Chevrolet Heavy Utility with a number 13 style CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) cab.  The owner has had it for over 20 years and it has been a regular attendee at rallies in Normandy over the years.  With the chance to get some close-up photos I thought modellers might find these useful.


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