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CMP Otter Armoured Car...

...a privately owned example.

The Otter LRC (Light Reconnaissance Car) was made in Canada by General Motors, using many parts from the CMP series of trucks, and a sister vehicle to the C15TA armoured truck as well. Over 1700 examples were built, though apparently only around 1,000 were sent overseas. It mounted a Boyes anti-tank rifle plus a Bren in a small, open topped turret, and a smoke discharger fitted on the front of the superstructure. Canadian units operated the Otter in both Italy and NW Europe, and it was also used by the South Africans and the RAF Regiment. The layout followed that of the Humber LRC, though the Otter was about a ton heavier. It had a crew of 3 and also carried a No 19 radio set, with aerials mounted on the arms at the back of the superstructure.

In this case it is a privately owned example which was on display at the War & Peace show back in 2008.  There are IBG kits available in 1/72 and 1/35 and as this gave the chance to get pictures inside and out hopefully these will be a handy reference for anyone building the models.


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