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Combat Boat 90 in 1/35...

...Swedish Fast Assault Craft due from Tiger Models

Some news from Tiger Models is something a bit different, as they are planning to release a 1/35 kit of the Swedish built CB-90 Fast Assault Craft.  Going purely from the series of pictures from Tiger Models this looks really impressive, with good detail both inside and out.  The multi-colour disruptive camouflage makes for an interesting looking vessel, and the detail in this scale suggests some great potential for a diorama with the addition of some suitable figures.

A Swedish designed and built Fast Attack boat, the CB-90 was accepted into service in 1990, with an order for 120 craft for the Swedish Navy.  It can carry half a platoon of fully equipped amphibious infantry.  With a shallow draught, plus a crew of just 3.  Powered by two water jets, highly manoeuvrable and capable of speeds up to 40 knots (about 74mph).  In addition to the Swedish Navy, other operators include Norway, Mexico, Germany, Malaysia and the USA, with the Royal Navy having trialled them as well.

I don't know a release date as yet but definitely a kit to look forward to I think. 


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