Dragon Wagon, part 2

...a visual history of the U.S. Army's Heavy Tank Transporter 1955-75


Title:  Dragon Wagon, part 2...

Author: David Doyle

Publisher:  Ampersand

ISBN:  978-1-944367-00-8

...a Visual History of the U.S. Army's Heavy Tank Transporter, 1955-75


This is another of the excellent series of landscape format soft-cover books by Ampersand Publishing.  An ideal modellers' reference.  It takes the story of the US Army tank transporter on after the wartime M26 (armoured and in-armoured) and looks at the later, Cold War era machines when the US Army looked for more standardised equipment, to help both costs and logistics support for them.  The tractor units featured in this one are the M123, M123C, M123A1C, M123E2 and the M746.

The photos fill each page, and are all given useful, informative captions.  They are a mix of black and white archive photos, taken from the NARA archives, and also have additional colour images of preserved vehicles that provides even more useful modelling detail.  Some of the archive photos are in colour, particularly from the Vietnam era.  For those interested in the Vietnam era, there are a number of pages which show an interesting variety of vehicles loaded on board the trailers, including battle damaged M48s, the Rome Plows and more.  A few of them offer some great inspiration for dioramas as well.  Something a nit more unusual sees one carting one of the MBT70 prototypes as well.  If you have an interest in these Cold War trucks I am sure you will like this one.