Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen

...a Visual History of the German Army's multi-purpose vehicles


Title:  Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen...

Author: David Doyle

Publisher:  Ampersand Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-944367-03-9

...a Visual history of the German Army's multi-purpose vehicles


Another of the soft-cover, landscape format books from Ampersand.  It is divided into two main sections, with the Kubelwagen in the first part and the Schwimmwagen in the second.  A total of 136 pages packed with photos.  Each section starts with a good selection of archive photos (black and white) and these are followed by excellent quality colour photos illustrating even more detail thanks to the variety of preserved vehicles that can be seen on the show circuits these days.

Both vehicles were based around the chassis of the old VW Beetle, though the Schwimmwagen used a more boat shaped hull for use in the amphibious capacity.  For the Kubel, the archive shots give a good idea of the conditions they coped with, from the mud of the Eastern Front to the sands of North Africa.  They also include shots of a few captured examples, given new Allied markings to help identification and these might tempt a few modellers for something a bit different.  The fine detail given with detailed coverage of some different preserved examples. and one of these is also the radio equipped version.  For anyone with one of the larger scale kits, such as the old 1/9 kit from ESCI or the even bigger 1/6 model from Dragon (they do the Schwimmwagen as well) then this provides a level of detail references that is hard to match.

Similar comments apply to the section on the Schwimmwagen as well.