Cruiser Tank Mk IIA, A10 Mk IA... update on what to expect in the new Gecko Models kit

It is a month or two since we first heard of the new kits we are expecting from the new manufacturer, Gecko Models.  In this instance it is the basic gun tank variant of the A10 and we have some more details of what is due to be included in the form of some computer images to illustrate what will be included.  Interesting to see it also includes a detailed interior for the fighting compartment.  Thanks to Gecko for the details.


35GM0002 A10 MK.IA TANK
35GM0002Bonus Tank Crew Figure
35GM0002Front left
35GM0002Rear left
35GM0002Rear Right
35GM0002Front right
35GM0002Turret right rear
35GM0002Turret right front
35GM0002Rear Right close
35GM0002Interior 1
35GM0002Fuel Tank
35GM0002Interior 2
35GM0002Fuel tank right
35GM0002Front left close
35GM0002Front close
35GM0002Movable track
35GM0002Left Wheels
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