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Humber Scout Car Mk II in 1/72...

...a new model by Dan Taylor Modelworks
DanTaylor_HumberScoutMk2 (1).JPG

Something to celebrate here I think. Dan Taylor Modelworks have been in business for several years, making resin models, transfers, vehicle conversion sets and now have ventured into their first injection moulded plastic kit, a Humber Scout Car. It is available so far in 4 different variants, with a fifth due a little later. That one will include internal detailing, engine etc.

The Humber Scout Car was built by The Rootes Group, based on their existing chassis from their Heavy Utility Car, already a successful 4x4 design. They were ordered to supplement production of the Daimler Dingo Scout Car. They had a crew of two, though at a push, a third crew member could just about fit. It carried a No19 radio set and had an mg fitted to a roof-top mount.  Used operationally in NW Europe in 1944, there were 9 issued to each armoured regiment. As well as British Army units, some were also given to various Allied forces.

The kit is very cleanly moulded on two sprues, and no flash to be found on my example. Assembly is quite straightforward and I found the fit of parts to be excellent. Optional front plates allow for either a Mk I or a Mk II to be built. While the vision flaps are moulded shut, the two rooftop hatches are separate, so can be fitted open or closed. Markings provided in the version of the kit I went for provide for 3 different cars from the 'Sharpshooters', the County of London Yeomanry.


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