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Darkstar Molten Metal Acrylic Paints...

..via The Airbrush Compoany
DarkstarMetallicPaints (1).JPG

Darkstar produce a range of Molten Metal acrylic paints and having tried them out I have to say I have found these very nice to use indeed.  Originally aimed at painting fantasy figures but they actually have much wider potential.  Shake well prior to use, as they do have a metal ball inside to assist mixing the paint properly.  The dropper style top allows you to dispense just a small amount into a pallet, ready for brush painting.  I say that because I think, certainly in my case, that these metallic colours are far more likely to be used for painting smaller details rather than being used in an airbrush, for larger areas.  They can be thinned with their own brand thinner for best results, but you can use plain water as an alternative.

I have tried them out on detailing some 28mm Ancient figures, using Bronze, Copper, Brass and Steel for different elements.  I found they brushed on very nicely.  With these, once dry, you can buff them lightly and get an even better metallic sheen to them.

Thanks to The Airbrush Company for my review sample



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