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Snow Effects...

...with Deluxe Material products

An article of creating Snow using the scenic effects from Deluxe Materials.  I am grateful to them for allowing me to use this Press Release which they provided.

Using  Scenic Snow


There are many snow systems around in the market. However the difference between a good scene and a dramatic one is the realism that can be created with attention to detail. Scenic Snow has the contents to create real effects such newly fallen, melted, fallen on roofs, on vegetation etc.

1 Urban Scenes

Start by brushing onto the substrate a thin coat of Scenic Bond Glue.  Pay special attention areas where snow normally collects e.g.. Roofs  (Fig 1), window ledges (Fig 3).  Sprinkle on Scenic SnowFlakes by using the shaker pack, shaking from side to side, rather than up and down. (Fig 2).  “Slipped snow” that gathers in corners cab be created by re-applying Scenic Snow in those areas, dabbing the glue on top and re-applying Scenic Snow Flakes until the required build up is achieved.

2 Rural Scenes

Snow on Trees.  Apply Scenic Bond Glue to branches of the trees using brush or Scenic Spray Glue (pump spray).  Sprinkle Scenic Snowflakes on top approximately 30cm (12 inches) above so the snow falls naturally over the tree.  Repeat this step to achieve the desired effect. (Fig 4)


Grass.  Shake Scenic Snowflakes over grassy areas from a height of about 30cm (12 inches). Build up from light too heavy and spray Scenic Spray glue if required to hold in place. (Fig 5)


Walls Scenic Snow works well on walls as shown. (Fig 6)


3 Special effects

“Frozen” snow effects. Sprinkle the Icy Sparkles on top of the Scenic SnowFlakes to create the effect of frozen snow. (Fig 7) 


You can find the Snow Effects at your local model shop now together with the full range of Deluxe Materials glues and Scenic products.

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