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HEMTT Oshkosh 8x8...

...Trucks in IDF Service - Part 1, from Desert Eagle Publishing

Title: HEMTT Oshkosh 8x8

Author: Michael Mass and Adam O'Brien

Publisher: Desert Eagle Publishing

ISBN: 978-965-7700-16-7

Number 29 in their IDF Armor series from Desert Eagle Publications is now out, and provides another superb reference for modern military vehicle enthusiasts and especially for modellers who tackle modern IDF subjects. In this case we see the HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) in IDF service, though this is sub-titled as Part 1, so we can expect more to follow.
It starts off with a couple of pages of text which provides the basic background to truck used by the IDF, and then a couple more which gives detail of this modern HEMTT truck and variants in use by the IDF. These are followed by a collection of 157 super quality colour images of the trucks in use, including some very fine detail elements. The 84-page book breaks down into sections by variant. They include the basic M977 Cargo Truck, along with the M985, which has a demountable flat rack, similar to the Leyland DROPS of the British Army. With this one it also shows a particular modification the IDF have made to the cab, with an external roll cage, to protect the crew in the event of the truck rolling over. Some interesting loads on the flat racks as well, such as 155mm artillery ammunition. This is followed by coverage of the M978 fuel tanker in use in Summer, and then another sections showing it in thick Winter mud on the Golan Heights. The differences on weathering between Summer and Winter are a very helpful reference. Even for a camouflage coloured military vehicle there are still a whole variety of safety signs on these tankers. A third section on the M978 also shows it in use during the Second Lebanon War. Then it moves on to the M984 Recovery Wrecker, followed by the IDF version, the M985 Marom which is also showing it in use in both Summer and Winter. The final couple of pages concentrate on a specific feature of the HEMTT, the different types of tyres they use.
It is another excellent addition to the Desert Eagle series of books on IDF equipment. With clear wear on paint surfaces, along with weathering in both summer and winter, you also get the bonus of some of the other vehicles you see operating alongside the HEMTT. These include things like M113, older M54 based trucks and also Merkava tanks. Lots of diorama ideas and some very clear detail of both the basic trucks and the IDF modifications. Super book by itself but labelled as a 'Part 1', it means that there must be a future Part 2 to look forward to. Available here in the UK from the Aviation & Military Book Centre.

Thanks to Desert Eagle and the UK Importer, The Aviation and Military Book Centre for my copy.


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