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The IDF Puma Heavy APC...

...a new book due from Desert Eagle Publishing

DEP-19 - PUMA Heavy APC – part 3 – Centurion Based APC in IDF service


The book IS 84 PAGES (80+cover) and has more than 180 genuine and never seen before color photographes, drawings and charts.

ISBN is ISBN 978-965-7700-06-8
The book describes the following derivatives of the Puma:-

  • Puma "Meishar" – bridge adapter

  • Puma "P" Bridge

  • Puma 'Viper' – "Tzefa"

  • Puma Command – "Pikud"

  • Puma Dozer – "Daqhpor" (large chapter)

  • Puma Mine Roller – "Nochri" (large chapter)

  • Puma 'Carpet' – "Ritzoof"(large chapter)

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