Zelda M113 in IDF Service...

...Part 1, Fitters, from Desert Eagle Publishing

Title: Zelda M113 in IDF Service, part 1, Fitters

Author: Michael Mass and Adam O'Brien

Publisher: Desert Eagle Publishing

ISBN: 978-965-91635-5-7

This is going backwards slightly as prompted by the most recent release of part 2 on the Command and Medevac variants, I was keen to go back and have a look at the earlier Part 1 on the M113 in IDF service, the Fitters vehicle.  It is number 9 in this excellent IDF Armour series of books from Desert Eagle.

It opens with a brief introduction to the assorted variants of the M113, known in Israeli service as the 'Zelda', though with each of the special variants having their own individual names, and which are usefully explained within the captions as you go through the book.  Another couple of pages near the start of the book also managed to whet my appetite, showing the older M3 half track based fitters vehicles, lined up I assume in a storage depot somewhere.  It would be good if Desert Eagle could cover those in a later issue.

There are two main Fitters version illustrated in the book, one with a crane fitted (Macha''g)) and one without (Chata''p).  Depending on the units they serve with there are a number of minor variations among both types, as the units adapted them to suit what they needed.  Super, clear photos both inside and out, showing all the detail a modeller could ask for to build a model.  It is useful that some show them with the basic fittings but little or know stowage, while others show them fully stowed on active service.  With detail of the fittings, the colours and the markings in use, these are ideal.  The fine weather in the region also allows for some lovely clear, crisp images, and they are all excellent quality.  The added extra you get in some of the photos are of course the other vehicles of the units they serve with, and these are equally interesting to see.  It is divided into 4 sections as well as the Introduction.  These are Technical Teams, Early Zelda Chata''p, Late Modeular Chata''p and finally M579 Fitters.  Each of these are sub-divided by their use with various units.  An excellent companion to the newer part of the story which shows us the Command and Medevac variants.

Thanks to Michael Mass for my copy.