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25 pounder Field Gun Mk II & Limber in 1/35...

...building the Dragon kit
Dragon1_35_25pounder (1).JPG

This is a relatively modern kit from Dragon, and has a good deal more detail than the older Tamiya model. The box art depicts the gun set up with limber and crew in desert uniform. The Quad seen in the background is not featured in the kit itself.

In this case, my choice was to finish it in an overall olive drab colour for NW Europe rather than North Africa. You can also fit the doors on the limber open, so you can see the ammo trays inside. One can be assembled alongside, with a couple of shells in it. There is a good bit of fine detail in building the gun and the limber, and you end up with a very neat little model. Mine is set for the gun and limber to be set in towed configuration, though I still have decided what to use for the towing vehicle as yet. I have the desert uniformed crew left over for the spares box, and to use another day.

I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies here in the UK.


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