Early Imperial Roman Legionaries, Attacking in 28mm...

...the recent release from Victrix

VXA025 Early Imperial Roman Legionaries - Advancing. 
•RRP £22.95

•28mm hard plastic figures.

•25 figure multi part figure set.

•Includes multiple arm and head options.

•Options to create Praetorian Guard.

•Command frame includes Centurion, Optio, Aquilifer, Vexilum and Cornicern.

•Extensive shield transfer range will be available from Little Big Men Studios.

This set is now on sale, and to follow up on the news of these we carried a few months ago, now I have had a look at the figures and had a go at assembling them.  What you get is a Command sprue that holds five figures and a selection of optional parts plus five more sprues which are all the same, holding 4 Legion foot soldier plus their optional parts.  Instructions to guide you which parts to use for which figures are provided on the back of the header card.  The only thing not provided is a colours guide, though I think this is not a particular issue as there are plenty of references in books or on the internet to guide you, and the main customers are likely to be experienced period gamers who will have the knowledge already.

All are neatly sculpted and the various arms, weapons etc enable you to ring the changes between the 20 basic Legionaries.  With the Command frame you get a Centurion in a cloak, an Aquilifer, an Optio, a Cornicern and a Signifer.  Again there are optional parts for Legionaries or Praetorian.  Among these are a choice of Bear skins or Lion skins and these are very neatly done.  When assembling the figures there are some seam lines to be gently removed from the figures, but nothing difficult and the parts fit well. One of the more gruesome options for the basic Legionaires themselves  is an arm holding up the severed  head of an enemy. These will paint up very nicely as 28mm scale (1/56) is big enough to get some detail painting for a good level of detail and will look great on a gaming table.

Thanks to Victrix for the sample sprues.