UTI Mig-15 in 1/144...

...a new Dual Combo series kit from Eduard

Kit reference #4444 is another release from Eduard in their Super44 series of kits.  As is common, this is a Dual Combo pack, so 2 complete models in the box.  The UTI is the twin seat trainer version of the famous MIG 15.  Using a wing design taken from Germany at the end of the war, and powered by a licence built version of the Rolls Royce Nene jet engine, the Mig 15 was built in large numbers, in Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and China.

There are two of each sprue and painting masks which are included.  Not a complex kit to assemble, though transfers provided for the instrument panels and seatbelts to add detail to the twin cockpit.  Do remember to add weight to the nose before you join the upper and lower fuselage halves.  A pair of drop tanks provide the underwing stores.  This is a neat addition to a neat little range of models from Eduard.


There are no less than 8 alternative colour and marking options included.  4 in bare metal and 4 camouflaged. -

  1. UTI Mig-15, 18. sbolp, at Pardubica, Czechoslovakia in September 1962.  A bare metal base coat but with a temporary (water soluble) camouflage applied for a Warsaw Pact exercise after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  2. UTI Mig-15, currently at the Czech Air Force Museum at Kbely in Prague.  Built in 1955 it retired in June 1966 and moved to the museum that opened the following year.  Czech national markings on a bare metal airframe.

  3. UTI Mig-15, this time a representative Soviet airframe, in overall bare metal with red stars and large ID number on the nose (1516)

  4. UTI Mig-15, c/n 92226 is the third bare metal machine, with Havittajalentolaivue 31 (31 Fighter Squadron), at the Rissala Air Base in Finland during the late 1960s.

  5. UTI Mig-15, this time with the Indonesian Air Force, at Jakarta-Kemajoran Air Base, Indonesia during the 1960s,  ANother bare metal example, but with a colourful lightning flash tail marking.

  6. UTI Mig-15, a camouflaged machine of the Syrian Air Force.  It represents an aircraft at the Damascus Military Museum exhibition, which I wonder if it is still there/intact.

  7. UTI Mig-15 of the Iraqi air force in the 1980s, another camouflaged airframe.

  8. UTI Mig-15 is the final option.  Again a camouflaged machine, in the markings of the Algerian Air Force, serving from the 1960s through to the 1980s.

Thanks to Eduard for this example.


Eduard 1/144  UTI Mig-15 dual combo
Box art
Eduard 1/144  UTI Mig-15 dual combo
Eduard 1/144  UTI Mig-15 dual combo
Eduard 1/144  UTI Mig-15 dual combo
Marking options A & B
Eduard 1/144  UTI Mig-15 dual combo
Marking options C & D
Eduard 1/144  UTI Mig-15 dual combo
Marking options E & F
Eduard 1/144  UTI Mig-15 dual combo
Marking options G & H
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