Fokker E.II in 1/48...

...a new Weekend series kit from Eduard

Kit reference 8451 is another release from Eduard in their Weekend series of kits.  In this instance it is a 1/48 model of the WW1 Fokker Eindecker,  As a Weekend series model there are no etch accessories, it relies on transfers for things like seatbelts and instrument facias.

The detail included for the cockpit is really very nicely done, which is significant in the appearance of the finished model of these early open cockpits with aircraft of WW1.  The rest of the model is fairly straightforward.  Some small parts for the connectors to add the control wires on the tail and rudder.  There is also a page indicating where to add the rigging wires that supported the undercarriage and the single main wings.

There are just two options for markings in this one, and these are:-

  1. Fokker E.II 68/15, flown by Lt Bruckmann with Armeeabteilung Gaede on the Western Front in late 1915/early 1916

  2. Fokker E.II 69/15, as flown by Lt Kurt von Crailsheim of Feldfliegerabteilung 53, on the Western Front during October 1915.

Thanks to Eduard for this example.


Eduard 1/48 Fokker E.II
Box art
Eduard 1/48 Fokker E.II
Eduard 1/48 Fokker E.II
Rigging diagram and marking option A
Eduard 1/48 Fokker E.II
Marking option B
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