SE.5a Wolseley Viper in 1/48...

...a new Weekend series kit from Eduard

Kit reference 8454 is a weekend series model of the SE.5a, this time powered by the Wolseley Viper engine, which eventually replaced the Hispano-Suiza 200hp alternative.  Problems with the Hispano engines, which led to a number of modification, also resulted in later built airframes having the Viper instead.  Above 10,000 feet, the SE.5a was superior to most other fighters of the time.

The build starts with the internal cockpit framework, which includes the pilot's seat and controls.  Details such as seatbelts and instruments are supplied as transfers and you do need to add bracing wires to the framework.  This unit then gets fitted to the lower wing centre section and the fuselage halves assembled around it.  That is then followed by adding the engine and the tail surfaces before fitting the cockpit coaming and Vickers machine gun, then the radiator and windshield.  Then fit the struts and upper wing, followed by the undercarriage.  The final elements include adding the propeller and the Lewis gun that was fitted on the upper wing.  The instructions also provide good clear rigging diagrams showing you where to fit the bracing wires common to WW1 era biplanes.


There are 2 alternative colour and marking options included. -

  1. C1149 was flown by Capt Duncan Grinnell-Milne with 56 Squadron at Bethencourt, France in January 1919.  He had been shot down in 1916 and made a POW but he escaped in April 1918 and returned to flying duties with 56 Squadron.  He had the sides of his aircraft painted red and the word 'Schweinhund' as a reference to his time as a POW in Germany.  With the bright red fuselage sides it makes this a very colourful option..

  2. F8146 flew with the American 27th Aero Squadron during 1922.  The unit was formed in 1917 in Texas, and having moved to France in 1918 started getting combat experience in June the same year.  After the war ended, the unit returned to the USA, flying the SE.5a.  The unit was later renamed the 27th Fighter Squadron and still operates today, though now flying the F-22.  A model of this alongside an F-22 would make an interesting project.

To finish off the markings, and with a back page of the instructions devoted to their positioning, all the airframe stencils.

Thanks to Eduard for this example.


Eduard 1/48 SE5a Wolseley Viper
Box art
Eduard 1/48 SE5a Wolseley Viper
Eduard 1/48 SE5a Wolseley Viper
Rigging diagram and marking option A
Eduard 1/48 SE5a Wolseley Viper
Marking Option B
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