SPAD XIII late version in 1/48...

...a new Profipack series kit from Eduard

Kit reference 8196 is another release from Eduard in their Profipack series of kits. Moulded in grey plastic the mouldings are very nicely done, as we now expect from Eduard.  Neat surface detail throughout, and being a ProfiPack kit it includes pre-coloured etch parts for the instrument facias and seatbelts.  The cockpit itself, being open, makes for a focus for the model.  The seat itself, instrument panel and the detailing of the compartment itself is well detailed, and will really repay the fine work you put into it.  There are a few optional parts within the build, depending on which marking option you go for.  These include three alternatives for the small aero screens in front of the cockpit.  It is a good reminder that you are best to start this kit by deciding which of the 4 alternate marking schemes you want to finish it in.

The 4 alternative colour and marking options included. -

  1. A Spad flown by Sergt. Fernand Chavannes, serving with Escadrille SPA.112 during August of 1918. The aircraft is in a five-colour camouflage scheme on the upper surfaces and plain beige underside.

  2. The second option was flown by Lt. Charles Nungesser while serving in Escadrille SPA.65 (GC.13) in September 1918.  He was wounded but accumulated a score of 43 confirmed kills, and surviving the war only to die in a transatlantic attempt in 1927.  Another one finished in the five-colour camouflage, though with pale grey undersides..

  3. This represents a Spad flown by Adj. Marius Blance, serving with Escadrille SPA.81 during the summer of 1918.  Another in the multi-colour camouflage scheme, though with the unit's nickname of 'the Greyhounds' represented with a large greyhound marking on the fuselage sides..

  4. The final option in this kit is for a machine flown by Cne. Rene Fonck, flying with Escadrille SPA.103 in the Autumn of 1918.  Never wounded, he amassed 75 confirmed kills, surviving the war and serving as a minister in the Vichy government in WW2, he passed away in June 1953.

To finish off the markings, and with a page of the instructions also showing a rigging diagram for the aircraft, one of those necessary additions for virtually all biplane models..

Thanks to Eduard for this example.


Eduard 1/48 Spad XIII late
Box art
Eduard 1/48 Spad XIII late
Etch details
Eduard 1/48 Spad XIII late
Eduard 1/48 Spad XIII late
Marking Option A
Eduard 1/48 Spad XIII late
Marking Option B and C
Eduard 1/48 Spad XIII late
Marking Option D
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