Spitfire HF Mk.VIII in 1/48...

...a new Profipack series kit from Eduard

Kit reference 8287 is a recent release from Eduard in their Profipack series of kits.  A 1/48 model of the Spitfire to add to their series of Spitfire kits, but this time with the extended wing tips for the high altitude version.  Lots of detail in the kit as you'd expect, with the cockpit nicely done, and being a Profipack kit it means you get the pre-coloured etch parts which include the instrument panel and seatbelts to add that extra level of detail.  It sort of invites/encourages you to build the model with the undercarriage down, the canopy pulled back and the side access flap open, so that interior cockpit detail can be easily seen.

If you want to, you can but additional accessory sets available in the Eduard range, so you can add an even more detailed cockpit module, alternative wheels/tyres, a detailed engine and the gun bays for the wing.  Any of these combined with the kit itself could result in a very finely detailed model stripped down in a servicing scenario for a diorama.

The instruction booklet stretches to 20 pages, which gives a detailed assembly sequence leading to 5 alternative options for colours and markings, plus a page showing all the stencilling locations.

  1. JF364, an aircraft with No.32 Squadron based at Foggia, Italy, early 1944.  This is a single upper surface colour of Medium Sea Grey and undersides of Azure Blue.

  2. JF476, with No. 92 Squadron at Triolo, Sicily in November 1942.  This has an upper surface disruptive scheme of Middle Stone and Dark Earth, with Azure Blue undersides.

  3. JF519 is with No. 1 Squadron SAAF, operating from Trigno, Italy, in February 1944.  This option has the standard day fighter scheme of Ocean Grey/Dark Green disruptive upper surfaces and Medium Sea Grey undersides, plus the extended wing tips on the upper surface highlighted in bright red.

  4. JF630, an aircraft flown by F/O Larry Cronin, with No, 81 Squadron at Palel, India, in March 1944.  This has the Middle Stone and Dark Earth upper surface pattern, Azure Blue undersides while the national markings are the Dark Blue/Light Blue roundels used in the Far East, where the red of the roundels was excluded to prevent confusion with Japanese aircraft.

  5. An aircraft operated by the US 308th Fighter Squadron, 31st Fighter Group, at Castel Volturno, Italy in 1944.  This is another with the Middle Stone/Dark Earth disruptive scheme with Azure Blue undersides.  It looks quite different for having the US National Markings plus yellow recognition bands around the outer main wings.

To finish off the markings, and with a back page of the instructions devoted to their positioning, all the airframe stencils.

Thanks to Eduard for this example.


Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF Mk VIII
Box art
Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF Mk VIII
Etch cockpit details
Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF Mk VIII
Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF Mk VIII
Marking Option A
Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF Mk VIII
Marking Option B
Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF Mk VIII
Marking Option C
Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF Mk VIII
Marking Option D
Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF Mk VIII
Marking Option E
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