Fw 190A-8 w/universal wings in 1/72...

...a new Weekend series kit from Eduard

Kit reference 7443 is another release from Eduard in their Weekend series of kits.  These are straight plastic kits without the addition of the masks and etch details of their ProfiPack series.  In this case we have another variation of the Fw 190, one of a few that Eduard have done in both 1/72 and 1/48.  In this case we have a 1/72 kit of the 190A-8, the variant that was built in the largest number.  Armed with 2 20mm cannon in each wing it was a formidable opponent for the US day bombers, and one of the main targets for their escorting P-47 and P-51 'Little Friends'.

As they have done other variants already, there are a number of extra parts on the sprues which are for those other variants so will be left over for you to add to your spares box.  As it is you get a very nicely detailed kit, though with these Weekend series models the instrument panel and seatbelts are provided as transfers rather than etch parts as in their Profipack series.  The cockpit is still neatly detailed, as are the wheel wells.  Externally quite straightforward, with a nicely done centre line rack and external fuel tank.  Good clear cockpit transparencies and you have the option of fitting it either open or closed.  Altogether a very nice model.

There are two options provided for in terms of colours and markings :-

A. W.Nr. 733727, of II./JG 300 based at Beyreuth-Bindlach, German in the Spring of 1945.  The aircraft had served with a test unit, Jg.10 and was identifiable by the red and yellow snake design along both sides of the fuselage.  The upper wings and fuselage are in a two-tone grey, RLM 74 and 75 disruptive pattern.  The fuselage sides and undersurfaces are in the paler grey, RLM 76, with a mid-grey mottle camouflage on the sides of the fuselage, a yellow panel on the underside of the engine panels and a bright blue and white band around the rear fuselage.

B. W.Nr. 170393, flown by Fw. Alfred Bindsell with 6/JG 1 at Stormede, Germany in the Spring of 1944.  A similar grey patterned scheme to the other kit option, but this time with a red band round the rear fuselage.

As is common with Eduard kits these days, there are also a set of airframe stencils, and the final page of the instruction booklet shows all their positions around the aircraft.

Thanks to Eduard for this example.


Eduard 1/72 FW 190A-8
Box art
Eduard 1/72 FW 190A-8
Eduard 1/72 FW 190A-8
Colour and Marking Options
Eduard 1/72 FW 190A-8
Stencil positions
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