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Eperleques V2 Site...

One of the huge bunkers intended for launching V2 rockets against the UK, the site at Eperleques  is now open as a museum.  The simplest thing to say is to encourage you to take the chance to visit, to call it 'impressive' is still an understatement in my opinion. the Pas de Calais

When you arrive at the site you drive down a very narrow lane from the village of Eperleques itself.  It is a case of one way in and back out the same way, so be very careful as passing other vehicles requires a bit of care and the T-junction when you come back out is not the easiest to get out of.

When you arrive at the site there is a shop/entrance building and behind it a hill covered in forest, so at this stage you cannot see the huge bunker itself.  Once you have paid the entrance fee, which is very reasonable, you walk up a path through the trees, and past a variety of vehicles, artillery, bomb casings and even a Biber minisub, you walk uphill and it is worth looking in the woods on either side where you can see bomb craters remaining from the wartime raids that stopped the facility ever going into service.

You then emerge out of the trees to find this huge, and I really mean huge, concrete bunker.  First time you see it is really quite memorable.


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