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Town Square Scenic Accessory, 20mm scale...

...flexible rubber scenic items from Early War Miniatures

This is one of a range of scenic items by Early War Miniatures designed primarily for wargamers but equally useful for small scale dioramas.  Made from a Latex Rubber it is thin and flexible but tough enough for handling.  This is one of two pieces they do for a cobbled town square, this one being the larger of the two.  With paving slab around the edge and the distinctive fan pattern cobbles for the square itself.  The square comes as a plain dark rubber piece and I used the colours in the recently released set of 'Stone Greys' acrylic paints from Lifecolor (reviewed separately).  After an overall coat of Blue Stone, I used the other colours in the set to pick out individual cobbles on a random basis.  The paving slabs were done in the Green Stone with the joins between the slabs drawn in with a narrow black marker,  The cobbles, including the 3 roadways leading off the square were then given a brown wash to tie them all together.

There are a good variety of other scenic pieces in the range, with roads and tracks, rivers and streams, in both packs of multiple pieces for wargamers as well as some individual pieces for the diorama builder.


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