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Finnish T34/76...

...on long term loan at Bovington from the Finnish Armour Collection at Parola

Another highlight for me at Tankest 2017, along with the French St Chamond, was this excellent example of the T34/76 which is on loan from the Finnish Armour museum at Parola.  While the T34/85 is relatively common in museums and even private ownership here in the UK, this is I believe (but open to correction) the only example here of the T34/76.  Not a runner but on display at the back end of the static display area this year, this is a recent arrival at Bovington.  It was apparently captured from the Russians during WW2 and put into Finnish Army service, and which it continued to do many years after the war ended.  Of interest for modellers will be the relatively light rust showing in places, that on a real tank there is clearly no masking when the road wheels were repainted and you get to see the look of worn track plus the grease on the hubs of the wheels.


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