Soviet Bombers of the Second World War...

...from Fonthill Media

Title: Soviet Bombers of the Second World War
Author: Jason Nicholas Moore

Publisher: Fonthill Media
ISBN: 978-1-78155-716-7


A new book from Fonthill Media and author Jason Nicholas Moore, where he provide us with another excellent book on the topic of Soviet aircraft. In this case he takes on the wide subject of the many types of Soviet bombers used in WW2, many of which I admit to knowing little or nothing about, despite my fascination for military aircraft of many years. The sheer variety of aircraft that fall under the heading of 'bombers' is very wide.

The book is split across 23 chapters and the level of detail, and information tables is extensive. They cover the Soviet built land based machines, and the author hints at future books covering lend-lease types and seaplanes for more detail on those types. At the start we hear about the Pre-War Soviet Bombers and the pre-war doctrine for their use of bombers. That moves on to single engine bombers and ground attack machines, the Shturmoviks. The chapters then continue to consider short-range twin engine aircraft, as well as dive bombers, Medium, Long-Range and Torpedo bombers, among others. There are even the light 'nuisance' bombers such as the Polikarpov U-2, an outdated single-engine bi-plane which looked and was obsolete. They didn't cause much damage, but their engine noise and bombs did a lot to un-nerve German troops at night, and disrupt their sleep.  More detail then on multi-engine and long range machines along with Soviet Doctrine as it developed during WW2, plus experimental aircraft and Soviet Ordnance. Colours and Markings information is accompanied by a colour section in the book with 20 pages of excellent profile artworks plus some more pages of colour photos of various preserved aircraft. The Soviet use of bombers during the war is detailed, and this is accompanied by a number maps which illustrate the story as well.

As well as a lot to interest the aviation historian and those interested in the history of the war on the Eastern Front but also there is some great content to interest the aircraft modeller, an interest shared by the author as well I believe. The Soviets did not use long range strategic bombers like the British and American air forces, but concentrated on their support for their ground forces.  Another fine addition to a series of books from the author, and again showing how well he has researched his subject.

Thanks to Fonthill Media for our review copy.