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Fort Benning Strykers - M1126

Fort Benning Strykers - M1126

The M1126, the Stryker, is an eight-wheel armoured vehicle by General Dynamics Land Systems for the US Army.  Based on the Canadian LAV III, which in turn came from the Swiss developed Piranha III, it can be used either with full 8-wheel drive, or just 4-wheel drive.  I has been done in a number of variants, and close to 5,000 have been built for the US Military.  Some are also fitted with protective stand-off 'bar armour', which can be seen among these examples pictures in a vehicle park at Fort Benning, Georgia, back in 2013 during my visit there.

As there a number of kits available of the Stryker available in both 1/72 and 1/35 scale, along with the extra stand-off bar armour as etch accessory sets.  Both AFV Club and Trumpeter do kits in 1/35, while Trumpeter and Academy both do it in 1/72.  Etch bar armour is done by Eduard and I think also by Voyager Models.



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