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Polish C4P Artillery Tractor in 1/72...

...No. 62 in the First to Fight magazine series
FtF62_PolishC4P (2).JPG

Along with a Polish language magazine, 'First to Fight' combines it with a very neat 1/72 model.  In this instance it is number 62 in the series and features the Polski-Fiat C4P Artillery Tractor.

Based on the chassis of a Fiat 2.5 ton truck, this Polish built half-track was built between 1935 and 1938 in a number of variants. Around 400 were built, about 80 of these being artillery tractors. The running gear for the track was based on a Vickers design, while the track followed the Citroen-Kegresse design

The kit itself is moulded in a dark green plastic and is quick and easy to assemble.  The chassis is neatly done and with the rear axle to fit plus the track units, very easy to get right. Add the mudguards to either side, then the cab and rear body is equally straightforward to add. Very impressed yet with assembly so simple.  Fit of parts is excellent and transfers are included. I have mine built, next step will be to paint the details and weathering. It will have a multi-colour camouflage, and I will use the Hataka paint set for Polish vehicles, which is excellent.  I like the suggestion within the magazine, which shows the order of colours to add the camouflage colours, starting with the light sand.

I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies here in the UK.


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