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M1124 MaxxPro in 1/72...

...Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle from Galaxy Hobby
Galaxy_1_72M1124Maxxpro (1).JPG

One of the experiences for US forces in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan was that their use of the Hummer as a patrol vehicle was very vulnerable to the widespread use of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).  So, following on from their M-ATV Galaxy Hobby have now turned their hands to the MaxxPro, another of the modern US series of mine protected patrol vehicles. In production since 2007, over 9,000 have been built, in a number of variants. The important element is that the crew compartment is a pod, with a V-shaped floor, to divert any mine/IED blast away from the occupants.

Galaxy have done a super job with this one, as they did with their M-ATV. The detail throughout is first class. In addition to the basic plastic parts there are also clear plastic parts for headlights, main body glazing and the armoured glass panels on the gun turret. Added to this, a fret of etched brass parts add a variety of details that includes the vehicle step tread plates, aerial mounts and the protective grills on the windows. One or two of the etch parts are  bit fiddly as they are small and need some folds to be bent but once done, look excellent. Mine has the etch grills and glass panels for the turret yet to be added, and it will need a filter applied over the basic paintworl and some weathering.

Assembling the body gives a great picture of the hull design, including the way the seats are fitted, while you can fit the large rear door either open or closed. The chassis is equally detailed so you get a very neat model all round. The turret on the roof has armoured glass panels and carries a .50cal m.g. Assembly does lead you to break the build into stages so you judge when to paint each element. Plenty to do with this build, maybe not one I'd suggest for a beginner, but OK for anyone with some level of experience.

One other thing to say about this is that is available as a single kit, but as with mine, this alternative has two complete kits in the box. I got mine through Tiger Hobbies here in the UK, who are the UK importer.



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