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Bedford MWD 15cwt 4x2 GS coming in 1/35...

...the latest update from Gecko Models
Gecko_BedfordMW_GS (1).jpeg

News of a new 1/35 model announced by Gecko Models. Gecko are now ready to announce the next in their series of Bedford MW 15 cwt trucks. Pictured is the aeroscreen MWD, which despite its archaic appearance was used from 1939 right through to the late 1950s. Four colour scheme & decal options will be provided .

The model includes full engine bay detail and includes detail specific to these early production trucks such as a concertina air filter and early pattern footstep brackets . Vehicle equipment provided in the model include shovel, pick, jack, jack handles, wheel brace, starting handle and wire cutters. We even include the brackets for the fuel tank dipstick...which was the only fuel gauge fitted in the truck.

Here we have the Box Art along with pictures of the assembled test model. Thanks to Gecko Models and Simon for passing them on.



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