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Two New 1/35 Figure sets in production...

...the latest arrivals from Gecko Models

Two new 1/35 figure sets from Gecko Models are now in production and they are excellent. Neatly moulded, and the weapons in the modern British Infantry set are especially delicately moulded. An instruction booklet in this one for assembly guide and colours plus an etch fret for straps etc and transfers. Great to have some modern period British Infantry figures. These would look good beside something like Warrior.

The British Tank Crew provides for 3 in Desert uniform and the other 3 in black, European coveralls. These also have optional parts for heads wearing berets or a protective hard hat. This set in particular is ideal to go with their early war British A9 and A10 tank kits.



Gecko_ModBritInfantrySet1 (1).JPG
35GM0022 280x162x45.jpg
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