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Gecko Models First 4 Releases in 1/35... of a new manufacturer and their first 4 releases

This is news of a new manufacturer of 1/35 scale kits, and their first four are all WW2 British subjects, which are a pleasure to see.  Two variations on the British Cruiser Mk II, A10 from the early war period, while the two sets of figures are late war British infantry in NW Europe, with a Vickers team in action, or the one I especially like the look of, a Vickers team walking/marching.  I have to add, that as I own a Vickers and can testify to the weight of both the gun and the separate tripod, the weight they had to carry was significant and it really needed the crews to be strong and fit to manage it all.

No firm details on release date or UK importers yet but I'll update this when I know more.

30 September 2017

An update to this news as we now have some pictures showing the sprues and other content of the two figure kits, including photos of assembled test shots.  In production so hopefully we will see these available on the market soon now.  We can also see all the individual sprues that will be included in the kit of the A10 as well.


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