Vickers Amphibious Tank L1E3 in 1/76...

...a resin kit from Giesbers Models

A recent release from Jan Giesbers is another fascinating subject to see in model form, and in a very neatly done resin kit, simple to build with just 10 parts.

Remove the moulding plugs and the parts are all ready for what is a quick assembly job.  A set of computer images make up the assembly guide, and if you want more, then there is a surviving example of the real thing on display at The Tank Museum, Bovington.  The quality of the castings is excellent, so once assembled, a coat of primer and she will be ready for a bronze green paint finish, as seen on the Bovington example.

I got mine at On Track in February 2017 but they are available online through the shop for Black Lion Decals.