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Scammell and 7.2in Howitzer in 1/150...

...resin kits from Gramodels
Gramodels1_150_Scammeland7point2 (4).JPG

Graham Baker has been producing his range of resin models for many years.  They are in a variety of scales, and this pair are in 1/150, designed to go with N-Gauge model railways. In this case, a Scammell Pioneer R100 along with a 7.2in Howitzer. They are available as separate kits.

The thing about this combination is that it always makes me think of the old British comedian, Spike Milligan. Known for his long career including being one of the famous 'Goons', he served on the 7.2in guns in the Royal Artillery in WW2. His series of books of his memoires make both amusing (written in his own style) and interesting. A series of books which started with 'Adolf Hitler. My Part in his Downfall'. If you haven't read them, I really must recommend that you do.

The Scammell is a simple enough little model, the chassis/cab plus the rear body and 6 wheels, the front two cast integrally with their mudguards. Just add axles, which I did using some plastic rod, though you could use brass for added strength. I did use metal rod for the 7.2in howitzer, which just consists of the carriage, gun barrel, and two wheels. Easy builds, with some basic clean-up of the resin parts before a coat of primer and then painting.

For this pairing I decided to add a small diorama display base for them. An mdf base with earth and turf texture with an additional tree and length of hedging was quick and easy to do.


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