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Hanomag SS 100 Tractor example at the Musee des Blindes in Saumur, France

The Hanomag SS100 tractor was a civilian vehicle taken into military use.  Used particularly by the Luftwaffe but perhaps best known for being used to tow the elements of the V2 missile system.  For modellers, this has been the subject of a recent release by Takom as a 1/35 injection moulded kit.  In fact they have released it twice, either by itself or as part of a larger kit, along with a V2 and Meillerwagen, the TEL (transporter erector launcher) trailer for the missile.  This particular example is on display at the French Musee des Blindes at Saumur in France.  Hopefully these pictures will help some modellers who are making this particular vehicle.


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