The RAF Colouring Book...

...from The History Press

Title: The RAF Colouring Book

Illustrations by: Martin Latham

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 978-0-7509-8891-9

A new softback book from the History Press, perfectly timed with the celebrations this year for RAF100.  The first independent air arm in the world, the RAF was born from the RFC and the RNAS in 1918.  Not a text book to read, but one for adults and children alike to simply enjoy, and at the same time learn from.

Over 45 pages we are presented with outline images to colour in which tells the story of the RAF across its' 100 year history.  Primarily through the many different aircraft types and a few of the men who were involved in that history as well.  From the Sopwith Camel and the equally famous Tiger Moth it goes on to WW2, with Reginald Mitchell and his famous Spitfire design, bombers like the Wellington, Halifax and Lancaster as well as the Hurricane (along with Douglas Bader), Mosquito, Typhoon and others, and the Lancaster once more with the Dams Raid.  For the end of the war, the first jets, with the Gloster Whittle and the Meteor.  On into the Cold War era, the large de Havilland Comet, the Javelin and Vulcan deltas, the Provost, Hunter and the popular Lightning.  On to the Hawks of the Red Arrows, the revolutionary Harrier jump jet, Jaguar, Tornado, Typhoon, Hercules right up to the latest F-35.  Helicopters include both the Puma and the Chinook.

The thing about this is that it is great for young and old alike.  Anyone interested in the aircraft of the RAF, new and old, will enjoy this, an ideal present for the aviation enthusiast.  It has been in recent years that colouring books for adults have been especially popular.  There is nothing complex in the images, so painting them should be easy for any age.  In getting the colours right for each aircraft and period you can get a history lesson as well.  Great stuff.

Thanks to The History Press for our review copy.