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F-15E Strike Eagle D-Day 75th Anniversary Schemein 1/72...

...a Diecast Model by Hobby Master
HandM_F15E_Anniversary (1).JPG

As a modeller, is there enough time to actually build examples of all the models you would like to?  The answer for so many of us is that we have a loft, or cupboards, stacked with boxes of unbuilt kits.  So, the potential answer might be to join in the interests of a different group of collectors, and consider the ready built market of diecast models.  This one is made by Hobby Master, who are producing some super models.

The model comes in a smart blue box, the top of which folds open to reveal a clear plastic panel so you can see the model itself without having to take it out of the box, ideal for shop displays of course.  The basic airframe is ready built and with super quality satin paint finish.  It is a lovely model and the quality of diecast models is so good in comparison to what I remember of diecasts when I was young.  If you have not checked out these Hobby Master diecasts I would happily suggest they are well worth doing so.

This model features the markings of 97-0219, an aircraft of the 492nd FS, part of the 48th FW at RAF Lakenheath. Specially painted for the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion stripes and extra colour make a colourful addition to the standard drab colours of the Strike Eagle. The result is a stand out model in the display cabinet.

I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies here in the UK.


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