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Space Shuttles in 1/200...

...Diecast Models by Hobby Master
HandM_SpaceShuttles (9).JPG

Diecast models in 1/200 scale, in the Airliners series from Hobby Master, there are two versions of the Space Shuttle. One for Endeavour and the other for Discovery.

I grew up in the 1960s and was an avid follower of the 'Space Race' and of course the Apollo moon landings. The drama surrounding what turned out to be the successful return of the Apollo 13 crew as still vivid memories. Then in 1984 I was living in Essex at the time and took the opportunity to visit Stansted Airport and see the Enterprise Space Shuttle arrive on the back of a 747 transporter. A huge and impressive combination, and I was there with many thousands of others to watch it land and taxi in.
With that bit of background, I couldn't resist these two diecast models of the Space Shuttle. I chose to get one of each so I could have one on the display stand, with the payload bay doors open and the robotic arm deployed, and the other with the bay doors closed and the undercarriage down once it had landed back home. Very nice quality models, and the weight of the metal diacastings gives them a nice, solid feel.

I bought mine via the UK importer for Hobby Master, Tiger Hobbies.


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