Humber Scout Car...

...the resin kit by Accurate Armour

The Humber Scout car is from WW2, with over 4,000 built between 1942 and 1945 when production ceased.  It was a lightly armoured reconnaissance and liaison vehicle weighing about 2.5 tons.  It was built to add to the Daimler Dingo which simply couldn't be built in enough numbers.  Unlike the Dingo, the Humber had a roof though the whole vehicle was still only lightly armoured and not intended to be a front line AFV.  The design did evolve into the post-war Ferret.

It is well known to many movie fans thanks to being used as the command vehicle for Michael Caine in the film 'A Bridge Too Far'. It carried a crew of two, along with a single Bren light machine gun or sometimes with a twin Bren mounting, along with a No.19 Radio set.

Accurate Armour's kit has been available for some time now, and even though there are now plastic kits on the market, this is still available and is good one to go for if you are new to making resin AFV models.  Designed by Jon Bottomley for Accurate Armour it is a good looking kit which builds easily enough.