7th SS Mountain Division Prinz Eugen at War 1941-1945...


...a History of the Division, from Pen & Sword



Title: 7th SS Mountain Division Prinz Eugen at War 1941-1945

Author: Ian Baxter

Publisher: Pen & Sword

ISBN: 978-1-52672-142-6


Another Images of War title from author Ian Baxter, taking on the topic of another of the SS divisions of WW2. In this case one of their Mountain Divisions. Formed in 1941 from Ethnic German volunteers who came from the area of Croatia, Romania and Hungary. They spent their war closely involved with fighting the Yugoslav partisans.

The book is split across 5 chapters, each one started off with some introductory text and then followed by a series of archive photos to illustrate each stage of the story, all with additional detail in the captions. The bulk show the troops themselves, along with their support equipment. Not much in the way of armoured vehicles, though there are a few Stug III and Pz IV from supporting Bulgarian units.

It tells the story from the unit formation, illustrates their troops in action, and ends with their surrender to Yugoslav units in 1945, when many of those that surrendered were not treated kindly thanks to their reputation for brutality against both partisans and civilians during the war.

Thanks to Pen and Sword for this review copy.