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M36/M36B1 Tank Destroyer...


...from Pen and Sword



Title: M36/M36B1 Tank Destroyer

Author: David Doyle

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 978-1-52674-892-8

This is another fine addition to the Images of War series for Pen & Sword by author David Doyle.  He takes on another WW2 era US AFV in the form of the M36/M36B1. This was a progression from the M10 tank destroyer, which saw it being fitted with the 90mm gun, to enable it to cope with the larger German AFVs of the later war period.

Following the Introduction, the book is split into 2 chapters, one dealing with the M36, which used the specially designed hull essentially the same as the M10, while the second covers the M36B1, which fitted the same turret to an M4A3 tank chassis, which was readily available. The first 46 pages hold a good selection of archive photos, showing the M36 in use in NW Europe during WW2. Plenty of detail and a good indication of stowage items which modellers will find useful. Carrying on up to page 104 there is a very detailed coverage of the M36 in great detail, both inside and out, with modern colour photos of preserved examples. Pages 105 through to the end of the book on page 121, chapter 2 deals with the M36B1. Just a few archive photos then more modern colour images of a preserved example of Fort Hood, Texas, and another in a desert sand paint, recovered more recently from Iraq, where it clearly remained in service until more recently.

Thanks to Pen and Sword for this review copy.


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