M65 Atomic Cannon...


...from Pen and Sword


Title: M65 Atomic Cannon

Author: David Doyle

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 978-1-52674-360-2

Author David Doyle has done a number of books in the Images of War series and this new one is as good as ever. The M65 Atomic Cannon was essentially a conventional heavy artillery piece, of 280mm. It was however the first to be capable of firing a nuclear round, as well as conventional ammunition. It was an elaborate weapon, with both Push and Pull tractor units, and filled a gap between the end of WW2 and the arrival of the battlefield nuclear missile.

This collection of detailed images is split across 5 chapters plus 3 informative appendices. Following the Introduction which provides the background, the early prototypes include images of some heavy tank transporter prototypes. While these also used twin tractor units, these tended to be 2-wheel units at each end, while the end result for the M65 features 4-wheel units both front and rear. The chapters take us through the early development of the T1 and then the T10, which were the development machines before we get to the production M65 development and then in Service. Service for these weapons included in the continental USA as well as Western Europe. Lots of detail in the photos and a number of good diorama ideas for modellers, such as on rail transport wagons. Chapter 5 has the best detail that I think modellers could ask for, with a series of pictures to give us a very detailed look at the detail on a surviving example.

An interesting weapon of the Cold War era and great detail for the modeller who may wish to add more of it to the 1/72 scale model that has been produced by Dragon Models in recent years. Another very good book for the military vehicle/artillery enthusiast from author David Doyle.

Thanks to Pen and Sword for this review copy.