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US Cold War Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles...


...from Pen & Sword



Title: US Cold War Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Author: Michael Green

Publisher: Pen & Sword

ISBN: 978-1-52672-721-3


Another addition to the Images of War series from author Michael Green. In this one he takes on the subject of US Tanks and AFVs of the Cold War period. A softcover book with 220 packed pages.
The subject is broken down into 4 chapters. These are Early Cold War Tanks: Late Cold War Tanks: Armed and Armoured Transports: and rounded off with Miscellaneous to catch up a mix of other vehicle types. Each chapter is started with a few pages of text, each broken down into sub-headings, providing the background information to the many vehicles we then see in the selection of photos which illustrate the topics. These in turn have more detail in the well informed captions. A great variety of tanks, from the Shermans and M24s used in Korea, on through the M48, M41 and Sheridan used in Vietnam to the M60 series and M1 Abrams which bring us up to date. It goes on to include APCs, Anti-Aircraft weapons, amphibious vehicles and more. I also liked the way Michael has included images of some of the Soviet equipment that would have been the most likely opponents in the event of the Cold War turning Hot.
Unlike many others of the books in this series, the bulk of the photos in this one are in colour rather than just black and white archive images. Michael Green is a very knowledgeable author on the subject of armoured vehicles and this is another very good addition to his contributions for the Images of War series.

Thanks to Pen and Sword for this review copy.


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